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Cathy Reimer - Bio pic.jpeg
I grew up in Scranton PA in a neighborhood where every child was known, and we could knock
on many doors (except of course at the witch lady’s house) for a drink of water or to use the
bathroom. To a child it was a friendly place which afforded much freedom and feeling of safety.
On and off for most of my adult life I have looked for that kind of community. In my 20s I lived
in a racial justice commune in North Philadelphia. Before I left Pennsylvania, and after my
husband died, I was involved in a co housing project with a sweet group of people for a few
years. It ultimately failed just as we were ready to break ground. And now I live in a large self
—run community (about 1200 acres) in the in the mountains of North Carolina.
I had a private practice in psychotherapy most of my adult life while married and raising our
son, and then gradually more and more of my time was spent caring for my dear husband who
developed Alzheimers disease.
During covid I learned (and I’m still learning) to play the cello and I play with as many groups
as I am able. I’m not a very accomplished musician but making music with other people gives me great joy. I’m also passionate about getting my hands in the dirt and being part of the co-
creation process of gardening, Until just recently I was chair of our community garden. I am
very fond of puzzles and ice cream and labyrinths and Laurel, my little black dog.
I love my forest and forest friends, but it’s time to move closer to my son and daughter-in-law
and 8 year old grandson. I look forward with delight as we engage together in this adventure of
building a new civilization.
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