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My grown children eventually plan to leave Texas. I know that I don't want to leave the city where I was born and have spent most of my life.

Although I am disappointed that my new home will not be called 'Mr. Rogers Neighborhood', I am excited to live in a new (for me) exciting part of the city.

I have never lived in official cohousing before.  However, once my young family moved into a brand-new subdivision.  All our neighbors were putting in lawns so we met them and became friends.  We were all young and poor with multiple children.  We shared food and babysitting and coffee breaks and boozy parties. The first answer to the question "Guess what?" was always "You're pregnant!!".  (Then there was no WE to pregnancy.)

My happy place is in my kayak, building with  CareAVanners and being with small children. Other things I care about: 

Bandit (my most wonderful dog), reading, Contra dancing, biking, bridge, charades, knitting, camping, and travel most anywhere.

I volunteer as a respite foster parent and as a Kids Hope mentor at Bruce Elementary.  I am active in Christ Church Cathedral. 

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