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Hello everyone. I'm a nerdy lawyer mom who loves books and exploring museums, theater or really anywhere. I find that something interesting to do in every corner of the world.  


I went to middle school and high school in Spring, then I went to UT Austin for three degrees with a side trip to Edinburgh, Scotland for an additional degree. I have worked in Houston, London, Houston, Washington DC, Austin, Annapolis, and Baltimore. I have just started a job in Houston. My son, Jasper Ward, is a senior in high school so Gexa/Next Era gave me until mid-September to move. 


In addition to moving and navigating a new job, I have been successfully divorced from my ex-wife for 2 years, but I am still figuring out life as a single adult. Jasper will be going to college in the northeast, so I will add empty nester to my narrative as well. I know that it will be fine, but I am riding a wave of change and look forward to feeling like I am on solid ground again. 

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