Dark Roofs Housing Complex
It is an intentional community of private homes clustered around shared spaces.
There are ~160 communities in the USA across 35 states, with approx. 160 in formation today. However, none in Texas yet - we will be the first.
Read more at http://cohousing.org/

... and where can it be found?

What is cohousing?

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We want to be a multigenerational community inside the loop that meets certain criteria such as walkability and access to public transportation. We are working on a design for 1-2 acres, for 25-20 households, plus a common house and green space. The units will range from 1bdrm/1bath to 3brdrm/2bath. 

Urban, multigenerational, open ...

What is our vision?

Brainstorming Session
Following guidance from our consultant and the Cohousing Solutions Roadmap, we have organized into teams, selected the professionals (architects, developer, lawyer) needed for early design, and are now working to finalize land purchase and launch the design process with a 2-day Kick Off workshop.
We are setting up an LLC, working on our budgets, and continuing to get the word out in Houston to grow our community of joiners.

... Yes, a roadmap

Do you have a plan?

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  • 1st Q 2020:  Holding info sessions & tours, and 2-day "Kickoff Workshop"
  • December 2019:  Land under contract.
  • Mid-2019: Finalized Architect, Developer and Lawyer selections.
  • January 2018: Mobilized into teams, engaged Cohousing Solutions and Katie McCamant consultant; began site search.
  • November 2017: Hosted public presentation with experts Katie McCamant and Chuck Durrett, followed by a 2-day workshop on "Getting It Built"
  • May 2017: Established a social media presence, drawing in group to explore vision and values in a workshop. 
  • March 2017: Started monthly public meetings on the 1st Wednesdays of the month.
  • January 2017: A small group met in one of our homes to discuss how to grow our interest into a bigger group of like-minded Houstonians.

... glancing back from today to 2017

What's our story?

Join Now
Pay $200 per household for the current year and start helping us shape this project. We currently have 22 household Explorers.
We are accepting new Explorers, who are expected to join one of our working teams handling operations, social media and community engagement. 
We gather once a month for a potluck social and meeting to get to know each other and discuss progress.
We also host a monthly open meeting for the public on the 1st Wednesday of the month to increase awareness in Houston and connect with others interested in joining. Click here to connect with us.

What's involved in becoming an Explorer?

How can I join?

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Like our FB page here 
Sign up for our monthly email newsletter here
Come to the socials on the 1st Wednesday of the month from 7-8:00 p.m.
Visit the National cohousing organization website:  www.cohousing.org
Google cohousing – lots of articles
Send us an email at info@cohousinghhouston.com and we'll call you. We’re excited about our new community.

... but I want to know more?

What if I'm not ready to join?


Houston, Texas

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