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June Woest Bio Pic.jpeg

June Woest was born in Wichita, Kanas and spent summers in rural Kansas on a wheat farm. She is an only child also married to an only child who enjoy each other’s company. For six years here in Houston, June curated art exhibitions on a 12’ x 5’  billboard for a community art project titled, RoadsignUSA, a freestanding 12' x 5’ outdoor, 1960’s billboard. She is also the founding member of Municipal Dirt, an evolving group of independent artists who contemplate urban culture and aesthetics in Houston. She maintains a studio practice  and is a professor of Art History and Visual Culture at Houston Community College, Southeast, in Houston's East End. She has traveled the world with her husband Bob, who is the wonderful father of her two adult daughters, Senna and Laurel.

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