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I am a small-town girl from Southeast, Texas, Silsbee to be exact, located at the crossroads of
the petrochemical industry of the Gulf Coast and the piney woods of the Big Thicket. Growing
up in a rural Texas town taught me the value of community. Knowing and interacting daily with
neighbors is instinctive to me. Until I found CoHousing, I thought that simply couldn’t be
coupled with urban living.
For my college experience I chose LSU because I wanted to explore an entirely different culture
while not venturing too far from home. What a PERFECT choice! My concept of community
expanded when my college friends invited me to their parent’s homes for crawfish and crab
boils, which included the whole neighborhood. Zydeco music played, Grandma danced with the
wee ones, and everyone vibrantly lived in community.
My first job out of college was as a Research Analyst for a stock brokerage firm in downtown
New Orleans. I followed oil and gas companies and learning volumes about the Energy Sector.
Living in New Orleans as a young professional with a bunch of early career friends was
extraordinary. We ate great food, danced in the streets, and explored the history of the unique
Next came an MBA from The University of Texas! While LSU was extraordinary, UT was home! I
stayed after graduation and worked for a real estate development company through the
1980’s. Seemingly overnight, Austin’s downtown warehouse district became high-rise business
centers. Having a front-row seat to the transition from “weird” State Capital and college town
to mecca of technology and innovation was jazzy!!
Marriage took me back to Silsbee where we owned small businesses and raised two wonderful
children. Our time there as adults was delightful. We re-connected with old friends, took on
leadership roles and realized the power of community.
In 2011 we retired, bought a 1950’s funky South Austin duplex with the intent of making it our
home - but instead we divorced. BUMMER!!
I was devastated, of course. In the past 10 years, I’ve turned the duplex into a fantastic AirBnB,
developed an RV Park in West Texas, and lived in Jacksonville, Florida where I had an amazing
job at the Episcopal Cathedral.
In July of 2022 it was time to come home. I bought an RV and drove it from Florida to Texas. I
first considered setting up in familiar Austin but I decided to go ahead and get settled in
I live in a cozy RV Park just off South 610 which suits me fine. I’ve taken a job with a company
that provides accounting and legal support specifically to the multifamily industry… and I LOVE
it!! The Houston move has been DELIGHTFUL, thanks to the community we have been building
through the exciting decisions we have made – I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

I pinch myself when I think of my unbelievable good fortune to be a part of our dynamic
community. Our founders envisioned it and now I get to live in its reality! I’m a lucky small-town
girl getting to live in a vibrant big city in a FANTASTIC community!! It doesn’t get any better!!

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