Nancy McCormick
June Woest
June Woest
Kathleen English
Architect, gardener, and serious green advocate, who puts her money where her mouth is.

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Kip Krause
A 7th generation Texas who grew up in San Antonio, Texas. He spent most of his career as a IT specialist for a large multi-national company.

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Kathy Kokas
A native Houstonian, an adventuress, insatiably curious and a CPA Some claims to fame: she’s eaten grilled Mopani worms and bungi jumped over the Zambezi River in Africa, worked for Enron and more ...
Steve Stelzer
A third generation Ohio State Buckeye.  Born and raised in upstate New York. After a diverse architectural career and a family life, he joined the City of Houston to educate the public about green building and ‘sustainable development’.
Lynn Morstead
Passionate about organizing communities and using all the latest technologies to make this happen. She’s lived in 6 different countries and visited another 40-or-so across all the continents, except Antarctica.
Tom King
The middle of 8 kids although he is special because he is an identical twin and was blessed to grow up in a small house with an idyllic, close, fun family.
He excelled at drawing Mickey, Goofy, the 7 Dwarves and more and always wanted to be a Disney Illustrator which is why he got a degree in Chemical Engineering!
Carol McDavid
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Houston, Texas

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