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Carolyn is thrilled to join a cohousing community!

I was born and raised in Birmingham, Michigan, the youngest of four boomer kids who ruled the wilds of suburban Detroit. I have always been surrounded by a robust extended family, gathering in Michigan every summer on a beautiful lake where we enjoy catching up with each other on the beach, campfires, and hikes in the woods. My undergraduate degree in geology is from Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota and my masters degree in Landscape Architecture is from UC Berkeley.  My career in environmental planning brought me most recently back to Harris County at Public Health working on a regional flood resilience plan. Cohousing seems natural to me - I have worked at a collectively-owned vegetarian restaurant in Minneapolis (The New Riverside Cafe) for several years; I spent almost a year at a kibbutz (Degania Aleph); and I learned about the design and dynamics of cohousing in grad school from Claire Cooper-Marcus. I enjoy art, music, gardening, kayaking, camping, baking and have two amazing children who are out-and-about in the world studying what makes them happy.

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