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I moved to Houston with my family in October 2008…days after Hurricane Ike.  My son Gabriel was born just three months later, on a night where it snowed.  It was a dramatic and also peaceful introduction to a new hometown.

About four years later, my son Daniel was born.  This made him the newest fourth generation Texan in the Rosenbach family.

I got to Houston by way of the Navy, where I served on Active Duty for eight years. In those eight years, I moved nine times, between Newport, Rhode Island; San Diego, California; Charleston, South Carolina; Schenectady, New York; Bremerton, Washington; Singapore; and back to my hometown to San Antonio before moving three more times to Portland, Oregon; Schenectady, New York; and finally here to Houston.

I still serve in the Navy Reserves.  In 2011, I served nine months with the UN Peacekeeping Mission to Haiti.  The Navy is still a source of strong comradery and energy for me.

My faith and church community are an important part of my life. 

It took my nine years to realize how much I really like living in Houston.  I am looking for ways to get more connected in the fabric of this incredible and diverse city.

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