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2018-11-07 Soika Family Picture.jpg

Mike and Kelli are adopted Texans. Neither one grew up here but, as the bumper stickers say, they got here as soon as they could. Mike is a manager for a medical device company and his work brought them to Texas for the first time. In Austin they happily discovered barbecue, a love for humidity, and an interest in the idea of cohousing. A dozen years and three kids later, Mike’s work took them to Colorado where they decided to try living in cohousing. After a wonderful introduction to community in Greyrock Commons in Ft. Collins, Mike and Kelli purchased a home at Nyland Cohousing in Boulder where they happily enjoyed community dinners, great neighbors, and a magical place for their kids until Mike’s career brought them back to Texas in 2018.

Mike loves cycling, hanging out with friends, and fermenting sauerkraut.

Kelli loves being outdoors, especially hanging in a hammock and reading a book and seeing new things. Mike and Kelli have three teen-ish daughters who get dragged along on most of their parents’ adventures. Of note: Mike holds a three-year record in the Labor Day pie eating contest at Nyland and looks forward to extending his reign with Cohousing Houston.

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