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Tom King is the middle of 8 kids although he is special because he is an identical twin and was blessed to grow up in a small house with an idyllic, close, fun family close to Hobby Airport. 

He excelled at drawing Mickey, Goofy, the 7 Dwarves and more and always wanted to be a Disney Illustrator which is why he got a degree in Chemical Engineering!   

Although he grew up and spent most of his life in Texas, he never owned a pair of cowboy boots- much less a horse or rope or any of the other stuff- although he did shake Roy Roger’s hand at the Houston Fat Stock Show at Sam Houston Coliseum and was the proud owner of a Mattel Fanner 50. 

He enjoyed a year of working and living in NYC area and loved the fauvist exhibit at the MOMA.  Wild activities: skinnydipping at Orchard Falls outside Detroit and naked polka dancing in Chicago. 

Tom has 3 adult children.  11 years ago Tom found his soul mate, Kathy Kokas at a meditation retreat- he was contemplating her navel instead of his own and they married a year later.  He and Kathy love to travel, all kinds of outdoor activities (Tom is a lifelong believer in exercise of all kinds), visit museums, hang out with family and friends.  He takes classical guitar lessons and draws.  Tom is the burning soul behind cohousing.  A favorite thing for him is to meditate and then gather, have a cocktail and visit. 

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