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CoHousing Houston

Living with our neighbors


We are a group of people interested in developing the first ever cohousing community in Houston, one of the most wonderfully diverse and dynamic cities in the country.

We have purchased land in the East End near Eastwood Park and the light rail. We are building our multi-generation group of  like-minded people, figuring out how to do this in Houston. We're now working on the design phase, while having some fun getting to know each other along the way.

Click HERE to read about some of our cohousing members:

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or Click HERE to listen to them talk about why they joined cohousing:

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Congratulations to the 12 households who joined as LLC Members in the 1st Phase of CoHousing Houston.

We were ordered to "Stay At Home" and still we signed on 12 new members to our Cohousing Houston, LLC organization that was formed in April.

Texas' first cohousing community puts land under contract

A group of people looking to build a cohousing condo development -- a type of housing with a focus on communal living -- has land in the East End under contract.  If developed, the project would likely be the first cohousing community in the state.

The Houston Chronicle picks up on our project and writes a very good introductory article on our project.

Find out about our info sessions leading to Kickoff Workshop Feb 29-Mar 1

We have land under contract and are now organizing information sessions leading up to a 2-day Kickoff workshop Feb 29 - Mar 1 with our cohousing expert consultant, Katie McCamant. 

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August 5th MEETING on ZOOM
with Diana Sullivan
for the ZOOM meeting link. You will receive an email confirmation.
Join us for an overview of cohousing and our Houston project, with plenty of time for Q&A with our community

Diana Sullivan is a real estate broker, author and speaker who initiated and led the development of Germantown Commons as a member of the community.  Her first book, "Vision Is the Way, Love Is the Destination" will be published this fall.  She will be sharing how a shared vision provided the fuel to create and build their new community.  And the surprising moments along the way.  





Learn, explore interests, visit cohousing communities

Design the Community


Architect the site, the membership process, the policies

Build Community


Meet, get to know each other, grow relationships, form core group



Break ground

Build it!

Find a Site


Assess criteria, finances 

Locate a neighborhood, site near the center


Move in - Settle in

Enjoy the fruits of our labors




Spread the Word


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  • Make copies of our info flyer and pass them around

Join the 1st Wednesday monthly gatherings


Mark the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7pm for our meetings

Check our Events page for the latest meeting location or Zoom registration 

Consider Joining our Community


Get to know us and decide if  you would like to become an Explorer to get more involved.



Best place to buy books on cohousing in Houston

You can find books on cohousing by McCamant & Durrett at Houston's River Oaks Book Store at  3270 Westheimer (at River Oaks Blvd.) Houston, Texas 77098

CoHousing Houston Flyer

Please download our flyer and distribute this among your friends, colleagues, networks, and organizations you belong to. Help us get the word out.

CoHousing Houston Tri-Fold

This tri-fold answers some basic questions about WHAT is 'cohousing', WHO we are, what are we up to and HOW to get involved.  Use this to get the word out. Print some copies and pass them around to friends, co-workers and family members.

Cohousing Association of the United States

The Cohousing Association website has useful information on the cohousing concept, including a directory of cohousing communities in the US and numerous videos and picture galleries of existing and forming cohousing  groups.

Cohousing communities help prevent social isolation

Groups in Denmark and the U.S. are choosing to live in intentionally intergenerational communities, which emerged to strengthen social ties between aging seniors and their younger counterparts who are balancing work and family. People living in them say the model fosters an interdependent environment and helps everyone feel more comfortable with the process of getting older. NewsHour Weekend's Saskia de Melker reports.

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Houston, Texas

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