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One of my favorite things is hiking through the woods and enjoying the lessons nature has to offer. I love to observe adaptations of plants on the forest floor where these amazing immobile living things manage to grow under the toughest conditions. I enjoy travel, and some of the most memorable places I have visited include parks in Kenya and Tanzania, especially Maasai Mara National Reserve, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and Tsavo National Park. In the US, I have enjoyed exploring the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, specifically Imogene Pass.  

I love adventure activities and have jumped off a cliff with a hang glider (in tandem with an instructor). What an experience, to fly free like a bird!  

In cohousing, I would like to expand my horizons by learning from others who are passionate about sustainable living. I want to lend a hand with other people’s projects and also come up with something that helps with food insecurity in the greater Houston community. A nation as rich as the US should have no hungry people. 

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