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My name is Brian Barr and I’m perhaps one of the youngest folks in the group. I was born and raised in Atlanta, but have spent many a formative year here in Houston first as a Rice Owl and then a couple of years later as a regular old Houstonian. In the intervening time I spent a few years living and working in the great city of Detroit, Michigan.  


I’m an engineer by training, but these days I try to take that way of thinking and apply it to some of the more pressing issues of today: environmental justice, climate change, and disaster resilience. I am fortunate to do this in my day job and as a member of wonderful community organizations like StopTxDOT. Ask me anytime how you too can play a part in righting the inequities and historic injustices that have resulted from our decisions around transportation infrastructure. 


At my core, I believe that we are better off together than apart, and that there is incredible value in loving your neighbor and living in community. CoHousing Houston has been an incredibly affirming experience in that regard as it has shown me once again what is possible when we truly work together to create something that is bigger than what any one individual could do on their own. 


I find running, spending quality time with friends, playing and appreciating music, and baking to be sustaining practices in my life. 


Drop me a line anytime. I’m always interested in meeting new people, particularly those interested in CoHousing. 

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