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Kathy Kokas is a native Houstonian, an adventuress, insatiably curious and a CPA (“CPA’s can be fun people, too!!” she says, somewhat defensively).  Some claims to fame:  she’s eaten grilled Mopani worms and bungi jumped over the Zambezi River in Africa, worked for Enron, has an extreme aversion to bananas and snorts when she laughs too hard.  In 2008 this single only child met her soulmate Tom King (who is a twin and 1 of 8 with 3 adult children and a zillion nieces, nephews and cousins) and they married in 2009.  The past 11 years have been the very best years of their lives.  Kathy enjoys hiking, biking, golf, traveling, various volunteer activities.  She is a good listener, a trustworthy friend and she cherishes her twice daily meditation practice.  One of her favorite quotes is by Eleanor Roosevelt “Do one thing every day that scares you.”  

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