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Larry Bredin - bio pic - cropped.jpg

Things about Larry:

  • Loves re-enacting the bad guy in mobster movie scenes

  • Best friend Leo is a Catholic priest

  • Says things like, “Where’s it at?” that sound odd to the English majors in his life

  • Earned a free trip for two to Europe TWICE by selling the most MFA memberships

  • Wore a purple fanny pack while touring Europe

  • First Houston residence was the 5401 Chimney Rock apartments where he enjoyed a very full social life that included dancing six nights a week for 11 years

  • Stopped drinking “pop” in 1984 in a one-year bet with his friends that has lasted to this day

  • Insists that a sandbag workout is the only way to go

  • Has the lowest blood pressure reading of anyone around

  • Convinced his parents to enroll him in a Catholic elementary school so he could pursue his first-grade crush, Joan

  • Is a first born (shocking) and insists he had to be VERY outspoken to be heard growing up in his Sicilian family

  • He and his boyhood friends enjoyed free rides by hopping on and off moving trains

  • Learned the laws of physics in seventh grade when he hitched a steep downhill ride standing on a neighborhood boy’s big-wheel, bailing out midway and dislocating his left elbow

  • Earned his business information systems degree at U. of Nebraska, Omaha while shining as a waiter, restaurant manager and cook

  • Given his culinary skills should open his own “Lorenzo’s”

  • Worked as a systems analyst at Enron in Omaha, transferring in 1986 to Houston - left Enron in 1997 before it collapsed (avoiding his own financial collapse)

  • Earned his executive MBA at Houston Baptist while working at Enron

  • Went plant-based in 2017 after meeting Nancy, lost 33 pounds and reduced his cholesterol count by 120 in six months

  • Met his idol Carl Sagan while browsing books at a Houston bookstore 

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