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Linda and Mike Irrgang

Linda and Mike Irrgang have been living near Seattle, in Black Diamond, Washington, for the past 15 years. Many years ago, they lived near the Heights neighborhood of Houston, and have family and friends in Houston and South Texas. They have a blended family, with 3 sons and their families living in the US and one in Istanbul.

Linda is originally from Brownsville, Texas, and has worked as an educator and school administrator in various locations in the US, and also in Chile and Jamaica. At one time she worked for UNESCO, living outside of Paris, France. Now retired, but always an educator, she teaches Mah Jongg and leads a needlecraft group, at least in non-pandemic times. She also enjoys hiking and gardening.

Mike was born in Germany and raised in Spain and Indonesia. He originally worked in the artificial intelligence area, and transitioned to a career in the airline industry, designing new technology to support operation efficiency.

They are interested in cohousing because of the intentional community concept, the built-in support system, and shared values and purpose. Linda mentioned that the cohousing way of life is how she grew up in South Texas.

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