Lynn is passionate about organizing communities and using all the latest technologies to make this happen. She’s lived in 6 different countries and visited another 40-or-so across all the continents, except Antarctica. She spent her career in the Information Technology (IT) field and although she’s officially retired from ExxonMobil, she keeps dabbling in contract work for them. In addition to several programming languages, she picked up some ‘real’ languages along the way and can do a pretty good job of getting around in German and Spanish. She’s a regular fixture at her local YMCA, with a special fondness for the 5:30am Body Combat class. She loves cooking and entertaining; is active in two book clubs, a writing group, a women’s bible study, her church’s endowment board, and on and on. She’s married to Kip Krause who she met at work 30+ years ago and they have two grown children pursuing medical school and IT consulting. She can’t wait to live in cohousing, so she can have ready access to pick-up games of Scrabble, Boggle and someone to fix her knitting errors. 

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