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Lynn is passionate about organizing communities and using all the latest technologies to make this happen. She’s lived in 6 different countries and visited another 40-or-so across all the continents, except Antarctica. She spent her career in the Information Technology (IT) field and although she’s officially retired, she still loves to work with technology - like this website, for example. In addition to several programming languages, she picked up some ‘real’ languages along the way and can do a pretty good job of getting around in German and Spanish. She’s a regular fixture at her local YMCA, with a special fondness for the 5:30am Body Combat class. She loves cooking and entertaining; is active in two book clubs, a writing group, a women’s bible study, her church’s endowment board, and on and on. She’s married to Kip Krause who she met at work 30+ years ago and they have two grown children pursuing medical school and IT consulting. She can’t wait to live in cohousing, so she can have ready access to pick-up games of Scrabble, Boggle and someone to fix her knitting errors. 

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