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Originally from Concord, Massachusetts, Nancy will never forget the hot August day when her native New Yorker parents packed Nancy, her brother Rob, and their long-haired orange cat, Tabby, into their non-air-conditioned K-Car and set out for the Texas Gulf Coast. 

Since then, Nancy has lived and studied in Springfield (OH); Wales (UK) and San Miguel de Allende (MEX) and done assorted church-related and medical mission work in Mexican border towns and the Bolivian lowlands.  

Before switching to the legal field, she worked as a newspaper reporter, copy editor and advertising writer for newspapers in Matagorda County and Galveston County.  

Her interests include traveling, dancing (East- and West-Coast Swing, Latin, country, hustle ….) with her boyfriend Larry, time spent in nature, and amusing party games like Guesstures and Taboo (along with Scrabble, Poker, etc.)….

Aside from cohousing, Nancy has high praise for her transcendental meditation and Toastmasters groups. 

She’s a part-time resident (wishfully, anyway) of Truckee, California, and Galveston, where she loves catching up with family while getting her outdoor fix.

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