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Getting around in the East End

Yes, cars, of course.  Compared to the Montrose area, traffic is light, and most roads are in comparatively good shape.  Not all of them, Commerce St. needs help, but that is apparently on the way.  It is the easiest way to get into downtown from any direction.  But even easier might be riding a bike or using transit.

This is a great area for biking.  The traffic on side streets is very light and even on the busy streets it’s easy to escape to safety on a sidewalk.  We also have the Harrisburg Hike and Bike trail.  It’s an abandoned rail track that starts 5 blocks past the end of Commerce Street and stops just short of Wayside (Alternate 90).  Importantly, it runs ½ a block from our site.  It runs between people’s back yards, has lots of benches and is a great way to get the flavor of the neighborhood.  Don’t run over any chickens.  We checked it out last Saturday:

The Buffalo Bayou Partnership plans for the East End include upgrades to the bike trails along the Bayou -- they’re pretty rough in places right now.  These trails will end at Turkey Bend which is just North of where we are: we’re a little to the right of where the ‘st’ for ‘Canal St’ is on the map (see the yellow star).  The new trails will allow us to pedal along either side of the Buffalo Bayou into downtown and connect to the trails along Buffalo Bayou West of downtown and to the White Oak trail.  The Buffalo Bayou Partnership plans for our neighborhood are really cool and the bike trails will be pretty serious upgrade:

We are also very well connected to public transportation.  The Altic street light rail stop is a mere 3 blocks from our site.  It’s on the Green line which runs from the Theatre District downtown, passes by the baseball and soccer stadia, and ends at Wayside, running mostly along Harrisburg.  There is a bus that runs along Canal Street (Bus Route 20).  It runs from Magnolia Park to the East of us, through downtown and Memorial Park all the way to the Galleria.   The nearest stop is 2 short blocks from our site. Got your Metro card yet?

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