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Exploring Houston's Botanical Gardens near our site

When Glenbrook Park Golf Course broke ground back in the 1930's, who would have thought one day that property would attract salsa dancers, yoga enthusiasts, cooking afficionados and much more?

Cohouser Tom, who grew up near Hobby Airport, has fond memories playing golf at Glenbrook with his three brothers. When he met his wife Kathy, she later joined in. The foursome played there until Glenwood closed in 2018 and was repurposed as Houston Botanic Garden, which opened in September 2000.

Though he had to give up playing golf there, Tom, a founding member of Cohousing Houston, is hardly complaining about the course’s recent transformation.

“Houston was looking at both [Gus Wortham Park Golf Course in the East End] and [Glenbrook Park Golf Course] as possible golf courses to repurpose to botanical gardens.

“So we thought Gus Wortham would be the botanical garden, but then it ended up being Glenbrook. HGA [non-profit Houston Golf Association] bought [Gus]Wortham and really fixed it up. It is now almost a premier golf course" says Tom. Kathy considers the gardens a great gathering spot, recalling several King family outings which delighted both parents and kids.

“Nothing much more fun than walking through a beautiful garden, especially when you get to say, ‘This was the third hole tee box,’ or ‘This was that horrible fairway that sloped right into the bayou’,” says Tom.

“While touring the gardens, we remembered the cart paths and greens and actually found some golf balls in the newly constructed ponds,” says Kathy.

Best yet: The Houston Botanical Gardens are a short drive from CoHousing Houston.

Cohouser Margie has enjoyed both yoga and salsa dancing events in the huge air- conditioned tent on the 132-acre Houston Botanic Garden property.

Later in August, Margie’s yoga teacher will be offering to the public a restorative yoga session featuring sound bathing. “I highly recommend it.”

In July, HBG offered a “Surviving Summer” educational event, helping budding botanists keep their garden going through a sizzling summer. “I could have used that,” noted Margie, who once enlisted fellow Cohouser Jan to revive a sick orchid. “I was that bold person that took my orchid to Jan. I knew he was good with orchids.”

Margie is keeping an eye on the HBG calendar of events, enabling her to regularly check out the ever-evolving gardens. “It’s so vast and beautifully done. I’m glad it’s a botanic garden and I’m glad it’s there.”

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